Phil Spencer says all next-gen Xbox exclusives will come to the Microsoft Store and Steam


However, during an interview with Gamereactor, Spencer noted that there might be some differences regarding release timing. We assume PC versions of some next-gen Xbox games might launch a bit later than their console counterparts — but that will be just about the only inconvenience we’ll have to deal with.

Better yet, Spencer goes on to state that all first-party Xbox games will be coming to both Steam and the Microsoft Store. That’s absolutely fantastic news for PC gamers, because, speaking from experience, the Microsoft Store is incredibly frustrating to work with.

The file system is heavily locked down, and finding something as simple as an .exe or configuration file can be a nuisance. Steam has its fair share of problems, but accessing your games’ files is not one of them.

You can enjoy upcoming exclusives like Halo Infinite on PC with or without an Xbox Series X.

All in all, this is excellent news for consumers everywhere, no matter which side of the platform war you’ve taken. Fewer restrictions and more openness in the gaming sphere are always good for users, and we’re glad to see the Xbox team adopting this strategy.

As we said before, this news should also make a PC gamer’s choice between the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S a simpler one. Unless you absolutely must play every first-party Xbox exclusive on release day (or don’t care about consoles, period), we can’t think of any major reasons not to just snag a PS5. You’ll be playing both console’s exclusives that way, and with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you won’t even need to pay full price for all of them.

Still, the choice is ultimately yours, so if you have an opinion on this news, or if you’ve already decided what console you’re going to buy (if any), let us know in the comments.