Doctors Dance For Ballet-Loving Girl Battling Cancer


Doctors at a hospital in England put on a special performance for a five-year-old cancer patient who loves ballet.

Hospital staff at Worcester Royal Hospital picked up on Izzy’s love of ballet while she was in for treatment and spent time reading ballet stories.

So, Dr. Baylon Kamalarajan and Emma Maunder dressed in colorful tutus and tip-toed into her room for the surprise performance.

“When Ballet-mad Izzy came into our Children’s Clinic for her cancer treatment on Friday, two of the team surprised her with a very special routine,” the Worcester Royal Hospital wrote on Facebook.

Izzy has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and is being treated for the second time after a relapse earlier this year.

“She’s been through a really tough time the last few months, and it’s something [the doctors] wanted to do for a while, but she’s been so poorly, so it was a nice special treat for her,” Izzy’s mother, Vicky Fletcher, told BBC.

The hospital also cleared up the correct pronunciation of the city (and sauce) for non-UK residents.

“By the way, it’s pronounced – Wus-ter-shire (wink emoji)” staff wrote in a comment.